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Hear from others how leading DivorceCare has brought them purpose, healing, and joy. And find out how we'll support you every step of the way in starting a group.

Leading a group

Host a group in person or online

A rewarding way to serve

DivorceCare is a video-based support group program where people in a separation or divorce find understanding and care. DivorceCare groups are led by people like you, who understand the pain of a marriage breakup and want to help others navigate the emotions, avoid more hurt, and know they are not alone.

“To see them heal as I’ve healed—that’s what gives me joy.”


Let’s do this!

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DivorceCare groups are hosted through the local church. Want to bring DivorceCare to your church? Download your free step-by-step guide.

What to expect as a leader

Purpose from pain

If you have personal experience with a marriage breakup—whether it was you, a relative, or a close friend—leading a DivorceCare group is an opportunity to give meaning to your suffering by pouring into the lives of others and helping them heal.

“God never wastes your pain and can use you to help others!”


Life-changing impact

DivorceCare leaders get to see life transformation as their group members rebuild their hearts and lives. People hurting from separation and divorce will see your group as a safe, welcoming place where they can find real help.

“The growth and recovery was awesome, inspiring, and humbling.”


Easy-to-lead format

Each week your group will watch a video featuring respected Christian counselors and pastors who share insights on divorce recovery topics. After that, you’ll facilitate a group sharing time using the questions provided. You can easily host an in-person or online group.

“This material is so easy to use and so effective.”

Lay leader

Step-by-step support

As a DivorceCare leader, you’ll have 24/7 access to online leader training videos and other tips and tools for leading a group. Plus, you can contact a DivorceCare coach with your questions and concerns.

“I have never had a curriculum come with such support.”

Lay leader

Our DivorceCare coaches are standing by to help you start and run a DivorceCare group. They would love to hear from you. It’s free to talk with a coach!

What a group looks like
Every DivorceCare group has these 3 parts

Video with experts

As a group you’ll view a 30-minute video for each session, which features top divorce recovery experts and real-life stories from people who have healed from divorce. Each session covers a topic relevant to people experiencing separation and divorce.

Discussion with purpose

We’ve included weekly questions you can use to help participants talk about what was covered in the video and how they can apply it to their lives. As the leader, you simply facilitate the discussion using the notes and questions from your leader’s guide.

Personal reflection

Your group members will find personal help between weekly meetings. This book includes tips, articles, and tools for personal growth and for managing divorce-related stresses. They’ll also learn how Scripture applies to their everyday life.

Offer online DivorceCare groups

Ready to minister in a changing world

Whatever the future holds, DivorceCare ministry keeps on going! You’ll have what you need to offer a group in person and online.

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Let’s do this!

Free ebook download

DivorceCare groups are hosted through the local church. Want to bring DivorceCare to your church? Download your free step-by-step guide.

How to fund your ministry

We make it easy

Participants order books

This feature makes it easier for churches to start up a DivorceCare ministry because the church won’t have to front the cost of workbooks. People can register for your group and pay for their book online. Their participant guides will be shipped directly to their house.

Recoup your cost

Many DivorceCare groups charge participants a registration fee to cover expenses such as publicity, refreshments, and child care. Over time, registration fees could, in effect, reimburse the church for the cost of the kit.

Find a sponsor

It’s likely there are people in your church who have a passion for divorce recovery ministry. Perhaps they’ve been through divorce personally and have a passion to help others. Why not ask someone, or a group, to consider gifting your church with a DivorceCare kit?

Common questions
Can I lead a group if I’m not the “teacher type”?

Definitely. DivorceCare is designed for church members to facilitate. You’re not expected to be a teacher or counselor or have all the answers. The experts in the videos will do the teaching. As a leader, your role is simply to facilitate the group.

What is the time commitment to be a DivorceCare leader?

All the materials are provided for you, so you don’t have to write a weekly agenda or prepare what to say. Typically, you can plan on about 2 hours per week to facilitate the sessions, plus 1 additional hour for general administrative tasks.

What does DivorceCare teach about divorce?

As a program, DivorceCare presents balanced, biblical teaching on marriage, divorce, forgiveness, conflict resolution, and reconciliation. Read more.

Money is tight. How can we fund this?

Participants now have the ability to order their own books to be shipped directly to them. Churches won’t have to front the cost of workbooks! Some churches also charge a registration fee, which could reimburse the DivorceCare kit cost over time. Or ask someone in your church with a heart for this type of ministry to gift the kit.

Have more questions? Check out the FAQ page.

Tell your pastor about DivorceCare

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This short guide has step-by-step instructions on how to present DivorceCare to your pastor. It includes an email template for requesting the meeting, an overview of DivorceCare, plus what to say and how to say it.

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