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Our group meetings center around topics that will help you heal.

Week 1: Deep hurt

Overwhelming emotions and confusion are normal after divorce. This first session helps people know what emotions to expect and how to set up healthy practices for a successful recovery.


Week 2: Road to recovery

The road ahead after divorce or separation can look rough. Group members will learn about common roadblocks to recovery and signs that they’re making progress.


Week 3: Anger

“What am I supposed to do with all this anger?” Experts in the video answer this question and help group members learn when anger might be helpful or harmful and how to manage their anger.


Week 4: Grief & depression

Working through the many emotions of grief and loss after separation or divorce is one of the hardest things a person can go through. This week’s session lets participants know what to expect with grief and how to handle guilt and depression.


Week 5: Loneliness

Divorce and separation can leave people feeling isolated and alone. This session helps group members overcome loneliness and learn what temptations to avoid when they feel lonely.


Week 6: Fears & anxiety

Fear and anxiety can be paralyzing and prevent participants from moving forward. During this session, group members will learn how to stop worrying so much and face the future with confidence and hope.


Week 7: Family & friends

Divorce changes all relationships—not just the marriage. The insights in this session teach group members how to navigate changes in their relationships with their former spouses as well as with family and friends.


Week 8: Financial & legal issues

This week’s session offers resources to resolve financial and legal concerns. Participants will learn how to regain financial footing and how to avoid common legal mistakes.


Week 9: Conflict

“How can I handle conflict in a healthy way?” This week, participants learn how to deal with disagreements and respond well in difficult conversations.


Week 10: Forgiveness

Hearts that are raw from hurt can find it hard to forgive. During this important session, group members will learn what forgiveness really is, how to let go, and why.


Week 11: Your former spouse

Since their lives are still connected, it’s often difficult for group members to know how they should interact with their former spouses. This session helps them figure out what’s next and determine if a new type of civil relationship with their ex might be possible.


Week 12: Single living

A person’s identity is often wrapped up in being married. This week’s session helps participants rethink their identities and learn how to move forward as a single person.


Week 13: Brighter days

This week focuses on how group members can continue to move forward. Participants will learn ways to find hope when future difficulties arise and how serving others can contribute to their ongoing recovery.


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