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What is DivorceCare?

DivorceCare is a safe place where caring people come alongside you as you find healing from the pain of separation or divorce. At this 13-week, video-based support group program, you’ll find helpful counsel to manage the emotional turmoil and practical tools for decision-making.

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Both in-person and online groups are available

What to expect
What you’ll find at a DivorceCare group

Understanding & acceptance

People at DivorceCare understand how you’re feeling and what you’re struggling with—because they’re facing similar challenges. Everyone’s story is different, and you’ll be accepted right where you are, in a safe place.

“I could be me and no one would judge me.”


Encouragement & hope

It’s so comforting to know you’re not alone and that you’re going to be okay. Through the videos and small-group discussion time, you’ll hear from people who have felt there’s nothing left to look forward to—and now they’re starting to smile again. They’ll help you do the same.

“Going to DivorceCare, I was getting solid again. I was starting to heal. I had hope.”


Good advice

Each week, you’ll watch a 30-minute video filled with practical suggestions from counselors and other experts on divorce recovery. Plus you’ll hear from people who’ve experienced a marriage breakup and who share what’s helped them. Their insights will help you make wise decisions as you move forward.

“For the first time I had people that had answers.”


A structured approach

When everything feels chaotic, DivorceCare’s structured approach provides stability. It helps you organize your thinking and manage your emotions. Each group is built around three main parts that work together to provide the most effective healing experience: video, group discussion, and a participant book for practical application.

“The process and information were amazing! The curriculum brought comfort and peace.”

#1 divorce recovery program in the world!

DivorceCare has helped over 1 million people around the globe.

Find a group today!

Both in-person and online groups are available

3-part approach to healing
Every DivorceCare group has these 3 parts

Video with experts

During the first 30 minutes of the meeting, your group will watch a video featuring respected experts on divorce and recovery subjects. Their insights will equip you to manage your stresses and answer your questions.

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Discussion with purpose

After the video, your group will discuss what was presented in the video and how to apply it to your life. You’ll appreciate the emotional support and the opportunity to talk out concerns and find solutions.

Personal reflection

You’ll receive a book filled with tips, timely articles, and tools for personal growth and managing stresses and emotions. Find help for financial, legal, relationship, personal health, and parenting decisions.

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Common questions
What are the group leaders like?

Your DivorceCare leaders have been where you are, are at a place of healing and recovery, and want to show you how to get there. They have a heart to help people in the same way they’ve been helped. And they’ll help you avoid common mistakes.

Are there online groups?

Yes. Some groups meet in person, some are online, and others are “hybrid” groups with people attending both in person and online. You can find a group near you or in another area.

What if I’m not comfortable sharing with the group?

That’s perfectly fine. No one is required to share. People usually find that it helps to express their concerns and ask questions, but you are welcome to come and simply listen. You will benefit from hearing others’ stories and the expert advice from the videos.

What if I’m nervous about going the first time?

Those feelings go away quickly for most people, usually during the first session they attend. DivorceCare is a warm, caring environment designed to help you.

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DivorceCare groups meet weekly at thousands of locations around the world—both in person and online. You are welcome to join a group anytime during the 13-week program.

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