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Reaching people in an ever-changing world

With online groups, you can …


Reach people in their homes

Many people these days are unable to attend an in-person group. But you can reach and support them wherever they are with our online-meeting tools. For some, an online group may be the only way to access the Christ-centered comfort of DivorceCare.


Offer hybrid groups

Some people are comfortable meeting in person. Others are not. With the online group option, you can offer a hybrid group, which enables you to minister to people in person and online at the same time.


Prepare for every scenario

Your group may begin meeting in person only to discover that in-person events are no longer an option. With our online meeting tools, your group can easily switch to virtual meetings, without missing a beat.

How do online groups work?

Your DivorceCare leaders will choose a video conferencing service to host their meeting. Group leaders can decide to have the group watch the videos together during the meetings or have participants watch them on their own time (they’ll have digital access to the videos during the cycle) and then gather for discussion and support.

Consider the ministry growth

Giving people online access to your group allows your church to reach people from other states and countries! Plus, closer to home, there are people in your area who will be hesitant to visit your group in person. But they’ll try an online group. It’s just what some people need to take the first step to connecting with your DivorceCare group—and your church.

We’ll walk you through it

Need help starting an online group? Our DivorceCare coaches can offer guidance to help you get started. You are welcome to contact a coach!

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