Help Participants Find Your Group: Let Them Know You’re Online

Now you can make it easy for people to attend your DivorceCare group—and still follow social distancing guidelines.

Simply edit your group details to indicate that you’re meeting online. 

Once you make this change, people who are searching for online groups will see yours on the list. This is a great opportunity to reach new participants while also continuing to minister to your current group members.


Here’s the easy step-by-step:

1. Log in to the LeaderZone, then click on the My Church tab.

2. From there, choose Groups, to display a list of your groups. Then click on the group that is available online.


3. Choose Edit Group.

4. Check the box to indicate your group is available online.

5. Scroll to the bottom to check “I confirm that this group operates according to the DivorceCare Program Design.” Then click Update Group.




Once you’ve updated this information, your group will show up as “Meeting Online” when people search for support in their area.


Digital Workbooks

And don’t forget, the participant workbooks are now available in digital form, too! You can learn how to access the DivorceCare participant guide here.  



If you have any questions or need additional support, please don’t hesitate to contact the DivorceCare team. 

800-489-7778 (US and Canada)

919-562-2112 (International)



Dr. Ouida Walsh
Cypress Creek Church
Lutz, FL

Working with my leaders to do this. Thank You
Ouida Walsh

Darlene Klose
Loudonville Community Church
Loudonville, NY

I couldn't watch the webinar last week, so thank you for having it available online. I think I know what to do now. Thanks so much to each of you, Steve, Kathy and Sam.
If I need additional help, I'll certainly reach out to you.

Jennifer Wachira
Mighty Winners Gospel Church

Thank you that we can now watch the videos online and access digital workbooks. This has made running of the program very easy. We've gone all digital now. Thanks for the support.


Becky Boyd
Celebration Church - New Orleans Campus
Metairie, LA

Thank you for the support of DivorceCare staff during this online transition. Our participants watched the video at home and then we met on the ZOOM app tonight. Previously, we tried the conference call but just didn't feel connected. Seeing everyone face to face worked best for our group.

Cindy Hawkins
Mission 72
Goshen, IN

I'm a little late in coming to this. My groups haven't been running for a bit. Some personal emotional stuff with my mom. But that's getting sorted out, and this just looks fantastic!!! My love, respect, and admiration for this ministry have just quadrupled.