Watch the coronavirus webinar here: NO TECHNICAL PROBLEMS!

Wow! More than 3,000 leaders showed up for our webinar DivorceCare meetings during the coronavirus. 

Our webinar provider's servers crashed, and video froze. It's not their fault– the entire internet infrastructure is being tested as more moving online to work and for entertainment. That said, it was hard to watch.

The good news: we were finally able to record a clean version of the webinar without the technical challenges. You can watch it now. You are free to share this video with your DivorceCare leader team and church leadership.



Let me sincerely thank all of you who came to the webinar and for your patience during the technical challenges. I'm excited about the ways you will use this new technology to minister online.



Laura Belin
Grove Church
Portsmouth, VA

Thank you so much!

Lois McComb
Stone Church
Toronto, ON

Most appreciate your perseverance in making this available to us. Bless you.

Judy Dressendorfer
Vienna Presbyterian Church
Vienna, VA

Thank you so much for the Webinar AND for making it easy for participants to watch the video's.
Your efforts further proves your dedication to those who are suffering through the emotional and physical difficulties of divorce.
Many Blessings to each who made this happen.

Shana Omoresemi
Waypoint Church
Saint Charles, MO

Thank you for all you have done to allow our groups to still be encouraged!!

Lisa Wangen
Cross Sound Church
Bainbridge Island, WA

Thank you for your support and dedication.
Blessings to you all!

Terry Hendrix
Terry Hendrix
Fellowship Bible Church
Pearland, TX

thank you so much for doing this webinar. it was helpful and encouraging.
Last week we did teleconference . It was good but of course lacking that togetherness.
I am extremely technically challenged and yet I have thoughts that I want to do but don't know if it can be done. - lol
I wanted to know if I could put one video at a time in site, youtube, app or somewhere so our group can watch it all together. I have searched through Zoom and my head hurts from not understanding. Did I say I AM technically challenged but have desires and ideas.

Christopher Russo
Celebration Church
Metairie, LA

Webinar video and audio worked good for me. Thanks for all that you are doing to help our DC attendees to view the sessions videos and teaching us how to set conference with them. These people need to stay in contact with their DC Group and receive all of the info from the videos now.

Steve Grissom
Steve Grissom
The Church Initiative, Inc.
Wake Forest, NC
Staff Member

Terry Miller-

We suggest that you have your group members watch the video privately before your group meeting. You would have an even bigger headache if you tried to play the video during your group time! It's possible, but extremely complicated.

The new model, where the group member arrives having already seen the video, will cause you far fewer headaches.

Wayne Wong
Eastside Christian Church - Bellflower Campus
Bellflower, CA

Thank you Steve, Kathy, and Sam, for the webinar on Friday. I just watched the third webinar and it answered many questions I had. For my first video meeting with my group, I will just open it up to questions about how the pandemic has affected their lives. I wrote down a few questions from listening to Steve and Sam to ask my participants:

• How has the Coronavirus affecting your anxiety?
• Has the Coronavirus affected anyone you know?
• Do you know of anyone who has lost his/her job or had their hours reduced? How are your/their finances affected?
• Is it more difficult without a partner helping you through this? How are you dealing with it?
• How has being cooped up together with your ex/partner in the same household during the shelter-in-place affecting you?

You guys, and gal, sorry Kathy, left me in a very positive position to help my participants as He wants us to. God bless each of you, and especially the people behind the scenes, for making this possible.


Jan Wilson
Westmore Church of God
Cleveland, TN

Thanks for sharing with us! Loved the webinar. Look forward to continuing to help our group stay focused on healing even in these uncertain times. God will get us through this!

Betsy Cisneros
Lighthouse Church of Christ
West Covina, CA

Thank you so much!! Definitely an answered prayer.