Participants can order their own books

Funding DivorceCare is easier than ever

What is this feature?

Previously, churches were expected to front the cost of workbooks. But with this convenient new option, participants can register for your group and order their participant guide online. We’ll ship their book directly to them.

Why choose for participants to order their books?


Reduced costs

Your church won’t have to pay up front for the participant guides and shipping costs. And there’s no chance of ordering too many books.


Less hassle

There’s no need to collect payments from participants. You also won’t have to track down people to pass out books.


Improved participant experience

Every participant will get a guide, which is crucial for them to fully benefit from DivorceCare. Plus, people who order their book online will also have access to a view-only digital copy.

Just click a few boxes

When you set up your group online (after you purchase your DivorceCare kit), simply answer a few questions to choose the option for participants to order their own books, and we’ll handle the rest. It’s that easy!

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