About Surviving the Holidays Events

DivorceCare: Surviving the Holidays is a warm, encouraging and helpful event. Featuring video instruction and group discussion, it helps you deal with the intense pain of separation and divorce during the holiday season.

Local churches around the world sponsor these seminars. A typical one lasts approximately two hours. Here’s what you’ll do during a Surviving the Holidays event:

  • Watch a 40-minute video, filled with practical tips on how to survive the holidays
  • Hear from others in your group who are dealing with a marital breakup this holiday season
  • Have the opportunity to share how the separation or divorce is affecting you (if you’d like)
  • Receive a personal Holiday Survival Guide

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“It gives ‘permission’ to take care of myself above perceived social obligations.”

— Participant

“There was such a sense of hope and healing.”

— Grace, Durham, NC

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