Surviving the Holidays

In past years, the Christmas holiday season may have been a time of great anticipation and excitement … but this year, the prospect of facing the holidays without your mate may cause anxiety and dread.

You are not alone.

Here you can connect with support, encouragement and advice to survive the holidays. This site helps you:

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This website is brought to you by DivorceCare, an international network of divorce recovery support groups. Learn more about the value of participating in a DivorceCare group. Some DivorceCare groups will continue to meet through the holiday season, others will begin again in January. Find a group near you. You’ll be glad you did!

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Take care of yourself physically … celebrate Christmas in a simple manner … serve others in need … Connect with a DivorceCare group.

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Linda Ranson Jacobs, one of our Surviving the Holidays video experts, shares wise and practical advice on how to help your children through the holidays.

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We asked our Surviving the Holidays video experts to share their insights about visions of reconciliation over the holidays.