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“It changed my life at a time when I thought my life was over.”

“I am at peace.”

“If this was not available, I would still be home crying.”

“DivorceCare is becoming a huge catalyst for change in my life.”

“DivorceCare was a very positive experience for me. Painful? You bet. But in DivorceCare I finally found people to talk to and listen. They knew EXACTLY what I was going through.”

“Within minutes I felt accepted and safe.”

“It literally saved my life.”

“DivorceCare was my ‘Crazy Glue!’”

“I promise it will be worth it 100x over if you just take the leap of faith and go.”

“I really believe God brought me to this group.”

“My 14-year-old son is seeing the change in me.”

“I began to heal rapidly, and I owe it all to DivorceCare.”

“It brought me closer to God.”

“My life was pretty much in shambles when I began DivorceCare. This program has totally changed the direction of my life.”

“Even if you have doubts about attending, just go.”