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From pastors and group leaders

“We consistently find it to be one of our best ministries.” Pastor

“In the nine years we’ve led DivorceCare,
we’ve had over 10 couples reconcile.” Group leader

“The best succinct presentation concerning divorce,
remarriage, forgiveness, and reconciliation I’ve ever seen.” Pastor

“DivorceCare softens the hearts of those
for who reconciliation is possible.” Group leader

“This program has brought more people into our
church than any other outreach ministry that we do.” Group leader

“The material you have designed combined with
the support for the leaders is awesome.” Pastor

“We are an emergency room for the brokenhearted.” Group leader

“We have seen people come to Christ, shattered
lives healed. And many have joined our church.” Group leader

“We have seen folks come to our church
for DivorceCare, and then eventually become
active members of our church.” Pastor

“It’s opening our doors to people who are in need
of Christ, people who are broken and wounded.” Group leader

“DivorceCare has been a lifeline to
many people in our community.” Pastor

From DivorceCare group members

“I went from no relationship with Jesus and feeling
completely alone, to knowing He’s there for me all the time.”

“I have hope for my future.”

“It literally saved my life.”

“I gave my life to Christ!”

“My wife and I reconciled.”

“It brought me closer to God.”

“How DivorceCare has impacted my life: I’m reading
the Bible and praying daily. And my husband
and I are working toward reconciliation.”

“We are a family again, after seven years of divorce.”

“I began to heal rapidly, and I
owe it all to DivorceCare!”

“My 14-year-old son is seeing the change in me.”

“DivorceCare taught me many Bible principles
on forgiveness and reconciliation.”

“I’m just speechless at the responses
we are getting to DivorceCare.” Group leader

“DivorceCare has been a big outreach for our church.” Pastor

“I’ve facilitated a lot of small groups, but nothing sets the
stage for a great discussion like the DivorceCare videos.” Group leader

“Of our 20–30 attendees about 80% are
non-church members and/or non-Christian.” Pastor

“What an awesome outreach.” Group leader

“DivorceCare and DC4K are tremendous outreach tools for
our church. We start our new session tonight and have 23
enrolled and of these, only three are members of our church.” Pastor

“I don’t have to teach. I don’t need
to have all the answers. I can facilitate.” Group leader

“Without DivorceCare, we couldn’t offer a program
with leading experts in the boondocks of the USA.” Group leader

“I was extremely impressed with the training DVD.” Group leader

“I thank God for the ministry that
He has given my husband and me.” Group leader

“A lady from our first group accepted
Christ as her Lord and Savior.” Group leader

“DivorceCare was a life-changing event.”

“It helped me heal my emotions and anger.”

“It changed my life at a time when I thought my life was over.”

“I got a total life transformation—nothing short of miraculous.
I experienced the full swing, from the pit of despair to the heights
of knowing and experiencing the peace and love of Christ.”

“The most encouraging and helpful program I’ve ever attended.”

“Our children are VERY happy to have their
mommy and daddy back together again.”

“It has showed me God. Even though I am still far away from Him,
the meetings and homework are drawing me closer one step at a time.”

“This program has totally changed the direction of my life.”

“Had it not been for DivorceCare accepting me as a nonbeliever,
I would never be where I am now, doing the Lord’s work.”

“I am at peace.”

“DivorceCare is becoming a huge
catalyst for change in my life.”