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The best outreach tool you’ve never heard of.

Expand your community outreach efforts with a Christ-centered divorce support ministry.

Divorce is excruciating. Those who have experienced it may feel alone in their grief, loss, shame, or guilt. They may not know where to turn to manage those feelings.

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DivorceCare equips your church to reach people staggered by the pain of divorce, right when they’re likely to listen.

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Your church can be the hand that reaches out and reassures that hope and healing are possible. It’s an effective way to grow your church by performing vital outreach to the people most likely to turn toward spiritual care and support. It’s the best outreach tool you’ve never heard of. And we give you everything you need to start. Learn More

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What do you need to start DivorceCare?

To launch DivorceCare at your church, all you need are volunteers and a DivorceCare kit. You’ll create a life-changing outreach to your entire community. Order Now

DivorceCare leaders

We make offering DivorceCare easy


DivorceCare offers free coaching on how to recruit and train lay volunteers with online and phone support throughout the process.

Volunteer recruitment

Churches don’t have to recruit divorce recovery program experts. Instead, you’ll tap into your church community’s spirit of service by training lay leaders.


We’ll give you information on how to publicize DivorceCare in your community and attract people to the program.

Dr. Michael Lindsay

“Divorce is a moment of great brokenness, and in such moments people are willing to try new things. Church involvement happens to be one of them.”

– Dr. Michael Lindsay, Author, Surveying the Religious Landscape: Trends in U.S. Belief

3 reasons your church should use DivorceCare


Your church’s reputation as a place of refuge, care, and welcome will grow.


You’ll attract new volunteers from within your church to do the work of ministry.


New visitors from throughout your community will be drawn to your church.

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Publicity Brochures 100 200 300
Publicity Posters 100 100 200
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Questions? Talk to our team today.

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Dr. Crawford Loritts

“The gospel is love, and people who are in the middle of divorce need that love more than at any time in their life.”

– Dr. Crawford Loritts, Sr. Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church, Roswell, GA