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Holiday HelpCenter
Articles and videos to help you plan for the holidays

These resources are representative of the type of help you’ll receive by attending a Surviving the Holidays seminar. This information is a small sampling—there is much more help awaiting you at an upcoming Surviving the Holidays event.

“It gives ‘permission’ to take care of myself above perceived social obligations.”


How planning benefits you

If you’re thinking about entering the holiday season without a plan, we encourage you to consider how a simple, flexible plan will give you a bit of control over your emotions.

Why do the holidays hurt so much?

Going through the holiday season without your former spouse can be surprisingly difficult. This video discusses why that’s true.

4 ways to survive the holidays

This simple strategy provides the basis for a holiday that’s manageable, yet meaningful too.


Survival Tips for Handling the Holidays

Practical ideas for surviving the deep loneliness and pain you may be experiencing this holiday season.

Helping Children of Divorce Through the Holidays

Linda Ranson Jacobs, one of our Surviving the Holidays video experts, shares wise and practical advice on how to help your children through the holidays.

Christmas: A Reason for Hope

This holiday season, as Christmas lights and trees go up all around you, it’s likely that the only thing going “up” in your life is your stress level.