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Are you looking for resources to help you through the recovery process? Then visit our Personal Help Store. You’ll find books, CDs and tapes about recovering from separation and divorce.

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DivorceCare Audio

DivorceCare Audio

Listen to DivorceCare Prior Edition on CD.

Divorce Care: Hope, Help, and Healing During and After Your Divorce

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The DivorceCare devotional book, DivorceCare: Hope, Help, and Healing During and After Your Divorce, is now available for purchase from our Personal Help Store.

Recommended Books

Single, Married, Separated, and Life After Divorce When the Vow Breaks: A Survival and Recovery Guide for Christians Facing Divorce Recovering from Losses in Life

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Are you planning to start a DivorceCare group at your church? You’ll find everything you need at our Leadership Store.

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DivorceCare materials can be ordered now:

Order a DivorceCare Kit Surviving the Holidays

Surviving the Holidays Materials

DivorceCare: Surviving the Holidays is an uplifting outreach tool. It’s uniquely designed to help you share the hope of the gospel with separated and divorced people in your community and, in the process, grow your current DivorceCare ministry.